Thursday, April 30, 2009

Changing the title of instance in BPEL Console and searching in

Using the title,Index,Custom Key search in the BPEL console for effectively.

After installation of the SOA suite I saw new search facility available in BPEL console, but could not find any documentation regarding this. This is not even provided in the new features.

I could see some new searches in the BPEL console, and thought that it could be useful for tracking.
Login to BPELConsole
Go to instances tab
Search by Title, Index/Custom Key are the new searches that have been added. To use this feature just add a java code snippet in the bpel.
  <bpelx:exec name="setIndexAndCommit" language="java" version="1.5">  
<![CDATA[String ele =

This sets the title that appears in the BPEL console. This can be used to set to search using the added feature of the BPEL console and make use of the BPEL console better.

Setting the title could have been done in previous release also, but the search option integrated with the BPEL console makes it very good for the support.
The problem I faced was while using the setCustomKey(String) in the java snippet. The error recieved was that the method was not found. Still to find the solution. Will post in the Oracle forums.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

SOA suite upgrade - Duplicate instances

One of the new issues brought by the new version of SOA suite is the duplicate instances. If any asynchronous process is invoked from another process, in the tree finder sometimes even though a single call is made to the bpel process, the process can be seen multiple times.

This is a bug added :(

The cause of the bug is auto-recovery and impact can be minimised if auto recovery is turned off. This feature was introduced in SOA suite and added a new bug, please do not enable this feature in production.