Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bugs in Oracle SOA Suite

While testing our application on MLR5, two pieces of functionality broke. Both of them undocumented and still awaiting confirmation as bugs from Oracle.

1. We have a BPEL process that insets a message into a queue using AQ adapter. This fails, with an exception stating xsi not defined in the XML. I've encountered this error message while inserting message into the queue when the XML is invalid.

Strangely enough this xml was generated from a java client proxy, and the xsi definition (mapping xsi to its corresponding namespace) exists along with the soap header. xsi is usually used to denote nulls in xml. If the definition of xsi is moved into the body the error dissapears.

Strange. Very Strange.

2. Another BPEL process contains a task being created and then the same task updating the outcome of the task. No authentication information was passed since the credentials returned while creating the task were used to complete the task. It generates some sort of a token that does this, but this piece of functionality broker in the newer version. Authentication information is required to be passed, so needed to give the bpeladmin username/password. Not very nice.

Hoping no more undocumented isses arise. Will update this post based on the response provided by Oracle support regarding the issues.

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